Role Rights

Wolf-Pack Gaming Network

All roles listed here will be explained from a role-play point of view.

Guest: This is a role afforded to people joining the server for the first time. You will need to contact an admin or moderator in-game or via discord to have them set your role to the appropriate one. Economy-wise, a guest is afforded nothing as it is considered just that, a guest role.

Uncaptured: This role is for female (or male) players whom wish to explore role-playing as a wanderer to be captured by a Task-Master and made into a slave. Economy-wsie they are afforded more than Slaves.

Slave: This role is for someone whom has been captured by a Task-Master. In the economy, they are afforded very little.

Task-Master: Task-Masters are the dominant force of the tribes. They can be both male and female, but are usually male. Even a female Task-Master is held in lower regard than a male would be. However, they are afforded much more in the economy than Slaves or Uncaptured people.