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This section will explain how the economy works in Captured Lands. Keep in mind that the server is home to a few different “Classes”. Each day you log in, you will have access to a certain amount of currency. Below some key portions of the economy are explained.


Class Kits Per Day:
Guest – no kits
Uncaptured – uncaptured kit
Slave – slave kit
Task-Master – taskmaster kit

Allowance Kit Contents:
Uncaptured Kit – 10 Bronze
Slave Kit – 3 Bronze
TaskMaster Kit – 10 Silver

Notes: If it seems unfair, keep in mind that this is a themed server. Slaves and free women wouldn’t make very much money unless they are selling to or trading with other players. Which is dangerous as they risk being captured. Task-Masters would earn more for the services their slaves provide. The server, theme and economy are geared towards enslavement, this would have been the way of things.