Conan Exiles

Wolf-Pack Gaming Network

Our Conan Exiles server is adult themed. The information in our navigation menu pertains to the server.

As an overview, it is focused on role-play, either as a free person, a slaver, a trader. Many things. Males are generally regarded as authoritative, while females are usually regarded as property. Although, it is possible for a female to rise in the ranks and become respected by men, becoming a female slaver.

This server is not designed for the feint of heart, nor for the indecisive. Upon joining you will need to message an Overseer or Task-Master to change your role from the default, to the desired role. If you fail to do this, others on the server will likely disregard you as they are operating within the theme of the server.

The pages here-in have detailed information about the server and how it works. Please browse at your leisure.