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Wolf-Pack Gaming Network

Ark Server Update

Our Ark server has been updated to the latest version and is again available for play.

Ark Server Update

Our Ark: Survival Evolved server along with it’s mods have been updated to the latest versions and is up.

CE Server Update

Server has been updated to current version along with it’s mods. Is back up and running.

Conan Exiles 18+ Server

Is now live, and, has been for about a week, but, was working on getting mods together and such. But, it is stable and playable.

Tekkit Server Progress – 11/12/2020

Working on our Tekkit Server, plugins installed. Setting them up then building spawn area.

ARK 18+ Server Live

Our ARK: Survival Evolved 18+ server is up and running. It is modded, we ask that all players be 18 years of age or over. Mods include; Amazonia 2 No Clothes Structures + Eco’s RP Decor Eco’s Trees Lite Better Beacons 2 Ultra Stacks Better Fences Suspended Death Helper